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    Storage capacities

    Le Havre and Antifer terminals

    Terminals and depots

    Le Havre terminal

    • 2.4 million cubic metres (Mm³) crude oil storage;
    • 1.7 million cubic metres (Mm³) refined product storage (jet fuel, diesel and biodiesel, petrol, household fuel, naphtha).

    Antifer terminal

    640,000 cubic metres (m³) crude oil storage.

    Distribution depots

    755,000 cubic meters (m³) petrol, 10 ppm diesel and household fuel storage.

    Recent extensions

    Pauillac depot

    Inauguration in 2016 of a new dolphins mooring on the Gironde.

    Grigny depot

    Project for sources loading stations revamping over three years (€ 1 million budget).

    Nanterre depot

    Ethanol capacity extension in 2017.

    1. Le Havre terminal
    2. Antifer terminal
    3. New dolphins mooring in Pauillac
    4. New ethanol tank in Nanterre
    Duke of Alba in Pauillac and ethanol tank in Nanterre

    Workforce and investments

    Our teams

    CIM and CCMP have about 300 employees, most of whom are assigned to the Operations Department, Le Havre.

    Distribution of the workforce on December 31, 2022:

    CIM and CCMP headcount

    Our investments

    We have invested over 100 million euros in the Le Havre and Antifer terminals during the last five years.

    We have invested over 50 million euros in the distribution depots during the last five years.

    1. Growth investment at Pauillac
    2. Growth investment at Grigny - Fourth tank
    3. Growth investment at Nanterre - Third bottom loading system
    Growth investment at Pauillac, Grigny and Nanterre