Our energies
to benefit yours

    Our core business

    Our core business

    Oil supply mission
    and French
    independent leader
    in oil logistics

    Looking ahead

    Looking ahead

    Contribution to the
    carbon reduction
    in the energy mix
    of Le Havre city and its port

    CSR process

    CSR process

    The Noven group
    is committed to a constant
    equal opportunity policy
    for women and men

    Committed through our patronage initiatives

    Committed through
    Our patronage initiatives

    The Noven Group
    is a key player
    in the region's appeal

    A strong human potential

    The Noven Group is rich
    in 300 employees

    Low carbon liquid fuels

    Helping the aviation industry
    through Sustainable Aviation Fuel


    Sustainable development: Noven
    promotes biodiversity on its sites


    Pauillac, first combined site in France
    fossil fuel + solar energy

    A partner, a strategy

    Noven Group is the main shareholder
    in Trapil with 49.7%


    On our sites, infrastructures dedicated
    to low-carbon fuels

    Building on the expertise acquired by the women and men who have worked throughout the centenary of CIM Le Havre, which we just celebrated, CIM and CCMP are enthusiastically looking ahead and keen to support the energetic transition.

    The commitment to green growth in aeronautical biofuels, undertaken by the French authorities in 2017, sets a roadmap for the aeronautic branch to achieve a low-carbon liquid fuel transition (LCLF).

    CIM and CCMP are backing this move by providing specific logistics for biojet (SAF or sustainable aviation fuel), as they have been doing for over a decade with road biofuels.

    CIM is contributing to the decarbonization of the city of Le Havre and its port's energy mix, with projects such as building an electrolyser together with its partner Hynamics, a subsidiary of the EDF group. The resulting low-carbon hydrogen would be intended for urban and port mobility.

    In this state of mind and ready to face these new challenges, Pisto, the holding company of CIM and CCMP, becomes Noven. "NOV" for inNOVation, "EN" for Energies, since our common thread for the past 100 years will be continued.

    CIM and CCMP will preserve their own identities while becoming two companies of the Noven group.

    Conveying the group' new ambitions, a new logo and a new corporate identity reflect this dynamic.